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 Sunday Funday-The Club is all about helping moms kick the mom guilt. It is the exact answer to "what can I do with my daughter?" Your days are full dropping kids off, going to work, picking up kids, taking them to practice, coming home, cooking dinner, doing homework, managing bath time, cleaning and then laying down to do it all over again tomorrow. But through all day to day activities when do you spend time to truly pour into your daughter? That's where we come in. Our event takes the work and the hassle out of planning a girls day.

We're not just any other mom group—we're a movement for moms that want to spend time with their daughters without feeling guilty about it or overwhelmed by planning or logistics. We've got everything covered: even down to the snacks, drinks (non-alcoholic), games, prizes.

So join us every last Sunday for our Events and kick some mom guilt! Become an VIP and save over 20%.